The Truth About the Justice Democrats

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About the Justice Democrats

The Democratic Party used to be the party for the downtrodden, workers, and minority in the US. However, the 2016 election saw a role reversal, with Donald Trump appealing to the worker demographics and ultimately winning the election.
Over the years, corporate donors and billionaires who contribute campaign funds for elections have held the US political system to ransom. As a result, what we have are laws and government policies that favor corporate interests at the expense of ordinary American.

This is what the Justice Democrats seeks to put an end to.

Justice Democrats

What is the Justice Democrats?

The Justice Democrats is a group within the Democratic Party that seeks to prevent the control of the US political system by corporate donors and wealthy individuals. It is a Political Action Committee (PAC), and by federal regulation, it can’t accept donations more than $5000 per person.

Anyone who decides to become a candidate supported by the Justice Democrats has to agree to its platform and swear an oath not to accept donations from corporations and wealthy individuals.

Who runs the Justice Democrats?

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks, Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk, and previous members of Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign established the Justice Democrats on January 23, 2017.
The current members of the Justice Democrats board are Cenk Uygur, Kule Kulinski, Saikat Chkrabati, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

What do Justice Democrats believe in?

The beliefs and aims of the Justice Democrats are contained in their platform. Some of the issues they wish to address include:

  • Reforming Campaign donations: Justice Democrats believe that super PACs should be banned, along with private donations to politicians and campaigns. In place of this, the Justice Democrats propose a clean public financing system in order to prevent the full takeover of the US government by billionaires and corporations.
  • Re-regulate Wall Street: Justice Democrats believe that jail shouldn’t be made for just the poor and middle class. Justice Democrats propose that cops shouldn’t be limited to the streets but also to Wall Street. Despite the fact that white collar criminals were responsible for the financial crisis, you can count the number of them in jail on one hand. Justice Democrats intend to make sure Wall Street is well policed and re-regulated to prevent another crash.
  • Ending Billionaire and corporate tax dodging: Each year corporations dodge about $450 billion in taxes while the poor and middle classes can hardly do the same. The Justice Democrats intend to implement the Buffet rule that no CEO should pay less tax than his/her secretary.
  • Free Speech: Justice Dems support the free expression of speech and opinions without the fear of censorship. This means the Justice Democrats are for free speech on college campuses, a marketplace of ideas. A vibrant debate is healthy for democracy and Justice Democrats would protect the right to air opinions.
  • Minimum Wage: Justice Dems believe in making the minimum wage enough for people to live on. They also believe in tying the minimum wage to inflation, to make sure that workers’ real earnings do not erode with the passing of time.
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