One Year in Review: The Bernie Bro Myth

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It’s been a year since the election of Donald Trump and I figured it would be a good time to do a real post-mortem on the 2016 election from the Berniecrat perspective. Most of what I has been put on the record has come from Hillary Clinton’s campaign who has every motivation to blame everyone but herself. One of the main issues that many Bernie Sanders supporters had with Clinton, including me, was the Bernie Bro label. So we will delve into that topic today.

A survey by Harvard University a shows that Bernie Sanders is still very popular among women. The poll was conducted among 2,027 registered voters between April 14 and April 17, 2017. This fact was true during the 2016 Democratic Primary. He as also very popular among one transgender woman of note (me), who was responsible for the massive #WhichHillary Twitter bomb.

The reason I bring this up is that I was misgendered by the Clinton campaign for my support of the Bernie Sanders. While I never engaged in any derogatory remarks towards her, I did receive a torrent of personal attacks via Twitter from a large number of accounts that had their feeds locked from view. I believe they were trying to bait me into producing a tweet that would validate their Bernie Bro false narrative.

What you may not be aware of, is the fact that Tom Perez, before he served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and while serving as Barack Obama’s labor secretary, Tom Perez encouraged the Clinton campaign to paint her opponent as a favorite of white men and unpopular with the female, Latino, and African American demographic.

According to the emails leaked by WikiLeaks, Perez encouraged John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager, to use the false “Bernie Bro” narrative to win the Nevada caucus:

“Nevada is an opportunity to fight back on so many levels,” Perez wrote. “First, the current storyline is that she does not connect well with young voters. Given that Nevada is far more demographically representative of America, I am confident that HRC can do well with all African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans (don’t forget the sizeable[sic] population of Asian Americans in Nevada, including Filipinos.).”

Staffers within the Democratic infrastructure also used the term to describe anyone who wasn’t a die-hard Clinton supporter. In one email thread, communications director, Luis Miranda, and other staffers declined David Guggengeim’s request for an interview with Debbie Wasserman because they suspected him of being a “Bernie Bro”.

Despite the fact that Bernie Bro is a clear myth unfounded in truth, Democratic top leaders still cling to it. Markos Moulistas, the publisher of liberal blogging site Daily Kos, insisted on the existence of this myth in an interview with Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim.

When he was asked why he didn’t endorse Senator Sanders despite the fact that 60 percent of his site users supported Sanders, he replied:

“Not to mention, given the decidedly white complexion of the Sanders coalition, it made little sense to hitch our wagon to a person who had such difficulties attracting the party’s key growth demographics — Latinos, African-Americans, and women. In other words, we were focused on the future.”

The continued touting of the Bernie Bro myth by the top echelons of the Democratic Party points to the fact that they won’t hesitate to believe clear untruths about him. All this points to the fact that they don’t like him due to his unflinching opposition to the establishment that has wrecked the Democratic Party.

These attacks not just on transgender women, but also the wholesale discounting of avid Bernie Sanders supporters by the Democratic Party has led many progressives and Berniecrats looking for alternatives. I can speak for myself in this regard. I did not and will not ever vote for anyone who misgenders me. Jill Stein got my vote because she was progressive and never degraded her opponent’s supporters.

Regardless, the facts remain, the Bernie Bro myth was just that, a myth created by some disgruntled establishment stalwarts. The Bernie Bro false narrative is largely to blame for many people turning their back on Hillary Clinton and the Democratics in 2016. Not all, but a contributing factor for many.

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